Adam Hale

Creating art through found magazines and newspapers on the tube.

Discipline: Collage

Adam Hale is a designer and collage artist based in west London who publishes his work under The Daily Splice. He started publishing to Instagram in 2015 as a creative outlet. Just under two hundred thousand follow his account.

When he first studied Graphic Design, he made a big push to learn all the new digital tools. Now that he works in digital he’s looked to analog techniques to push his creative limits. As he notes, “It’s often very hard to ‘splice’ images together without the ability to flip or resize individual elements as you would on a computer, but I enjoy problem-solving and it feels great when something finally slots into place” (1).

Another constraint which Hale feels gives his work a sense of immediacy is how he sources imagery. He finds newspapers and magazines on the London tube that commuters leave behind. “There’s an immediacy to the work in which current topics, trends, and affairs are given new context,” he explains, “turning something disposable into something of permanence.” (2)

What he enjoys is the unpredictable nature of assembling pre-existing imagery. Within an hour he can have an assortment of weird and striking visuals.

If anyone is handing out free magazines, Hale always tries to grab two copies.


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