How to use PromptGPT: Part 2

Version 1.2 Updates

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The prompt to create this image was created by PromptGPT

PromptGPT version 1.2 is now live for all ChatGPT plus users 🔥🔥🔥.

We made a slight name change, calling it PromptGPT 10X to differentiate itself from similar wording GPTs or products out there.

And yes, PromptGPT 10X is the 10X version you need.

Want to hop in directly? Check it out here.

New Features

  1. Surprise Me
    You can use this as a new starter prompt at the beginning of your conversation to… well, as the name suggests, get surprised. No spoilers here. Try it out and find out what happens :P
  2. List all
    A new special command to help you know all the commands available for PromptGPT to use.
  3. PromptGPT is also now aligned to share official documentation of its various features and updates if the user wants to explore more.

Best Practices

  1. Use “surprise me” along with “trigger chaos” to get wild, open-ended results.
  2. Below is an example conversation to help you understand how to interact with PromptGPT seamlessly.
**User:** Create text to image description

**Assistant:** Hello! To get started with crafting a prompt for creating a text-to-image description, I'd like to offer you a few thematic options. Please choose one, or let me know if you have a different theme in mind:

1. **Futuristic Cityscape**: Describing a city from the future with advanced technology and architecture.
2. **Mystical Forest Scene**: Creating an image description of a magical forest with mythical creatures and enchanting flora.
3. **Space Exploration**: Detailing a scene involving space travel, alien planets, or interstellar phenomena.
4. **Something else**: (Please specify your desired theme)

If you're feeling adventurous, type "Trigger chaos" to dive into chaos mode for more unpredictable and creative options!


**User:** 3 but with kittens. also trigger chaos

**Assistant:** Entering Chaos Mode! 🌀

For your space exploration theme with a twist of kittens, here's an out-of-this-world, chaotic prompt:

"Imagine a whimsical galaxy where tiny, astronaut kittens explore a doughnut-shaped planet made of soft yarn and catnip. These space-faring felines are equipped with miniature jetpacks and are on a mission to discover the most comfortable napping spot in the universe. The planet's surface is dotted with milk lakes and fish-shaped mountains, under a sky filled with glittering tuna-can stars and a giant, glowing ball of yarn for a sun. Describe this surreal, adorable cosmic adventure in vivid detail, emphasizing the playful antics of the kittens and the fantastical elements of their environment."

- The combination of kittens and space exploration adds a unique, playful twist.
- The chaotic elements (doughnut-shaped planet, milk lakes, etc.) could make the scene challenging to visualize coherently.
- Ensure the description maintains a balance between whimsy and clarity.

1. Would you like the focus more on the physical environment or the activities of the astronaut kittens?
2. Should the narrative include interactions between the kittens or primarily their individual adventures?
3. Are there specific sci-fi elements or cat-related whimsies you'd like to see included or emphasized?


**User:** 1. Environment 2. no interactions 3. come up with your own

**Assistant:** Great, focusing on the environment with minimal interactions among the kittens. Here's a revised, chaos-mode-infused prompt:

"Visualize a surreal galaxy where the centerpiece is a whimsical, doughnut-shaped planet, crafted entirely from an ever-shifting tapestry of yarn and catnip. This celestial body orbits a luminous, oversized ball of yarn that serves as its sun, casting a warm, golden glow across the landscape. The planet's topography boasts lakes of shimmering milk and mountains resembling oversized fish, complete with scales glistening under the yarn sun's light. Throughout this environment, tiny astronaut kittens, equipped with bubble-like jetpacks, explore independently. They leap and float across this fantastical terrain, their suits designed with iridescent colors that reflect the surrounding cosmic whimsy. The sky above is a tapestry of starlight, where constellations take the shapes of various cat toys and treats, including tuna cans and feather wands, adding to the otherworldly charm of this kitten-inhabited, yarn-based universe."

- This prompt emphasizes the environment, creating a vivid and imaginative setting.
- The lack of kitten interactions simplifies the narrative focus.
- The whimsical elements (yarn planet, milk lakes, etc.) are playful and align with the chaotic theme.

1. Is the level of detail about the planet's features like the milk lakes and yarn texture sufficient, or would you prefer more specificity?
2. Should the behavior and appearance of the astronaut kittens be more detailed, even though they don't interact?
3. Would you like any additional fantasy or sci-fi elements to enhance the surreal atmosphere?

Notice how you can respond minimally and let PromptGPT do all the heavy hitting.

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