Solving the maximum subarray sum: A super-simplified explanation

Python and javascript implementations for algorithms

Oct 9, 2021 · 7 min read

The Problem Statement

What happens when you have a huge array? How do we frame an algorithm to solve this?

The Solution

Solution 1

Solution 2

Is there a way to solve this with a single loop?

In short, we went to each element of the array and checked if it will be part of the sub-array with the maximum sum. If it is so, we are just adding it to our maxSum variable and moving on to the next element.

Some observations

Key Takeaways

Fundamental Approach: A summary.1. Have a single for loop.
2. Calculate a currentValue for each element in the array based on the question.
3. Then update the maxValue as max(maxValue, currentValue)
4. Vice-versa for minValue.

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