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Guest Blogging: The Research Nest

Guest Bloggers And Independent Contributors Are Welcome

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✔️ Critical explainers on the latest tech breakthroughs, press releases from tech giants, etc.

Are you an expert who can demystify the latest technologies for the common man? We’d definitely want to collaborate with you!

✔️ Project tutorials

Building something awesome? Share your work and development walkthroughs in well-defined blog posts.

️️️ ✔️ We are always open to new ideas

Do you have something exciting up your sleeve? Send us the pitch and we will take forward the discussion.

▪️ Send us your pitch (or link to the medium draft) to briefly describing the structure and narrative of your article along with your medium user id. (If you don’t have a medium account, you will have to create one, to be able to contribute to our blog)

▪️ We will review the article and if we find it within the interests of the publication, we will add you as a writer, after which you can submit your draft. (Add a draft or post to publication)

▪️ Articles found to have more than 5% unaddressed plagiarism will be rejected outright. Please use online tools to keep a check on the same. (Eg:

▪️ If the quality of the article was found to be below our expected standards, our editors will reach out to you with the necessary suggestions. If the article cannot be improved further, it will not be published on our blog.

🎖 Proofreading services with attention to detail, personalized suggestions for content refinement, and quality. We invest our time in your excellence, more than any publication out there.

🎖 Expert opinion and feedback on your work.

🎖 Professional editorial services optimized for SEO. Many of our articles rank high in google search results, some even in the top 1–2 results.

🎖 We provide an ever-growing vibrant platform to showcase your work and strengthen your personal brand along with other like-minded and passionate content creators.

🎖 Promotion of your work via our extensive network of social media handles to enable you to reach your target audience. Our digital marketing strategy is dynamic and customized on a per-article basis. Your article will have a unique strategy that would work best for it.

  • You are free to republish your articles elsewhere on the internet by giving due mention that it was first published on The Research Nest
  • We also accept your articles that may have been published elsewhere outside Medium. Just ensure that you have permission to republish your work.
  • We publish a maximum of two articles a day. This means that every article submitted to our publication will get individual attention and is not lost in clusters of articles published in quick succession.

Let’s scale upwards together!

Here are some top hits at our publication:

End Notes: If you share the same appetite as us to build something different, revolutionary, and impactful, we are looking for you to join us. The Research Nest is run by independent creators and visionaries driven by a passion, on a part-time basis.

Interested in doing something more? We are always here to listen, and just an email away! Say hi at



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