By Gabriel Balogun

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“The body is the shell of the soul and the dress the husk of that shell; but the husk (dress) often tells what the kernel (soul) is.”

In this space of time, the Nude Craze Mentality has engulfed the minds of a large population of Nigerian women especially the ones in the higher institution, who have grown excessive in their sense of fashion.

Simply in the name of fashion our young girls now roam about in miniskirts and gowns because they perceive that’s the only way to attract and keep the males, forgetting that a man who was attracted to you because of your body will leave you when he sees a better body. Even our older women have succumbed. Their excuse — if we don’t dress like them, those younger girls will snatch our husbands from us.

Disclaimer: Women are NOT at fault for men struggling with lust, but women can help their brothers in this battle by dressing in ways that are modest and pure.

I think it’s ridiculous that the Nigerian woman needs to look a certain way to be conventionally pretty or buy the limited notion of beauty sold by the media from the western world. Women are worth so much more than the world illustrates.


In the entertainment industry this trend has assumed unimaginable dimension as these female artists crave to forge ahead in their career as actors or models. I read a piece from vanguard newspaper where Nigerian Porn star Maheeda said ‘’it’s deliberate. I know what I’m doing. The pictures are not targeted at anything. It’s all about attention and there’s no mistake about it. This business of music is called show business and I’m convinced I’m on the right track. I owe no apologies. I just realized this way will be faster hit than any other way. The pictures are working for me”.

Can you imagine this? So extremly absurd.

The reality is that humans are visual creatures, and I’d rather Nigerian women be noticed for what’s in their hearts instead of how much skin they are showing. Flaunt your heart, not your body. Be different from what the world is seeking you to be. Remember, modesty involves much more than how we dress, but the way we dress is definitely a very good place to start.

Sartorially Yours,

Gabriel Balogun {GB}

Image Consultant | Dress Coach | Fashion Designer

Adaora Akubilo a Nigerian-American model. Image Source: Sport Illustrated

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