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The Resilient and Cynical Nigerian
Letter sent on Sep 30, 2016

Welcome to The Resilient and Cynical Nigerian

Two years ago connectnigeria.com asked me to do a piece about Nigeria for the Nigerian Independence Day celebration that took place on the 1st of October 2014.

I also did an “Independence series” on Nigeria, where with the help of the Historical Flashback Newspaper chronicled events that took place over 50 years, back to the months in 1960, before and after Nigeria gained its independence, on a personal blog I used to write. That blog has been closed down. I decided to put the Independence series in the encyclopedia of Nigerian speaking people

This year I decided to do something more sustainable. Here’s to the Resilient and Cynical Nigerian. The name was pulled from the article I wrote in 2014.

The Resilient and Cynical Nigerian is an anthology that collects work of any form from Nigerians, people of Nigerian descent and allies of Nigerian people in the motherland and in the diaspora every October 1st — the Independence Day of Nigeria.

Here people have the right to say or do whatever they want or like with respect to Nigeria. They are given no limitations. They can use whatever language, art and form to express themselves about their country. But they and they alone are solely responsible for what they do. The Resilient and Cynical Nigeria gives you the right to do whatever you want on its space but mandates that you and you alone be responsible for the consequences of your expression.

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