How to get into cryptocurrency in under 7 minutes.

Nick Place
Mar 20, 2018 · 3 min read

“When I first learned that you pay anyone anonymously across the internet with no fees, I was searching the pants off of google for a working link.” — SWIM

Fig 1. Source

In 2005, this is what it looked like to set up a blockchain wallet.

So you want to crypto, eh? Well you must frist understand that your “wallet,” yup, your digital “wallet,” is your passport to the cryptoverse. Lose that, and you’re screwed.

Your wallet’s private key cryptographically signs everything you do on the blockchain. It’s like your signature. You become the only one who can act on your behalf.

Day 1: Private key hygiene

Baby turtles going out to the ocean. Source

I found a sweet app called Trust for iPhone and for Android that lets your keep your private keys secure on your phone. On the computer, I use Metamask for Chrome and you can download the official Ethereum wallet. Make absolutely sure to back up your private key in multiple safe locations.

You can also buy hardware wallets that keep youtr private key safe behind yet anotjher layer of cryptography. Trezor, Ledger and Yubico onto some really cool stuff. Yubico is the cheapest option.

Step 2: Moving $$$ into your wallet

Once you have a wallet, Coinbase is the easiest way to get crypto currency. Download it on the App Store or Google Play. But you don’t need Ethereum OR Bitcoin to play on the new internet…

If you’re interested in trading on cryptocurrency exchanges and markets, chack out Radar Relay, a project by a good friend of mine.

Step 2.5: Decentralized apps.


The most interesting part about blockchain (in my opinion) is the opportunity to decentralize networks, location services, social media, chat, impact investment, organizations, and communities. The decentralized internet puts its users in control of their private data, their content, and their currency. It usurps the power weilded by mega-corporations and tech giants that monetize your data and attention.

Cryptography isn’t all business though. Cryptokitties is a game where you breed and trade cryptographically unique kitties.

You can keep up to date with new ÐApps on State of the ÐApps and DApp News . And of course, never stop searching!

Step 3: Get a job


Websites like Steemit and DTube allow users to get paid for their own content. You can follow me on Steemit here. Gitcoin pays you to contribute to open-source.


This week, I’m ommiting links and instead pointing you towards the Facebook page which is where I’ll be sharing all kinds of interesting news and developments from the emerging tech world!

Tiny ad: I just launched, a food classifieds board for Fort Collins, CO. If you think that your city could benefit from one, please reach out.

How will you use your new crypto powers?

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The Resilient Review

A weekly collection about the state of technology & social good. New issues every Monday.

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