Snapshots of Change

There’s a certain kind of snapshot of the zeitgeist that you can only get from a magazine stand, and March, month of spring’s fresh zip, is particularly revealing.

Of course, part of that is because of its Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, which also revealed, beyond most of Hailey Clauson, much of a plus-sized model named Ashley Graham. Cheek by jowl on the stands is Playboy’s first no-nudity issue, the cover of which was given to Instagram star Sarah McDaniel. McDaniel, quite spectacular in stills, appeared on TV, an old-school platform favoured by Stephen Colbert, in a dress so unmanageable that the comedian felt obliged to ask her if she needed some duct tape to hold it up. heyyy ;)

And then there’s March Vogue, which is Adele’s. Across the curve of her breast, in hundred-point type, the word CHANGE, a word Vogue employs at the drop of the hat, but that for some reason has more resonance than usual. It’s not because Style, New York Times’ fashion and design book, is sure there’s a revolution brewing.

No, if change is coming, it’s signaled less by the tough, cool new crop of frocks and more by the cover of New York magazine, which shows a young woman giving us a graphic ‘up yours’ with her ring finger. The story is about the voting tendencies and clout of young, single women, to wit: very progressive and quite considerable: maternity leave, reproductive rights and equal pay are top of many lists, and they’re the force that buoyed Obama and is currently propelling Bernie Sanders.

Which, for the glass-half-full among us, is reason to hope. Look! Here’s Always encouraging girls to invent new emojis, since the ones they were dealt are universally pink and predictable!

But oh! At the same time, there’s plenty to despair about. Take a look at Samantha Bee, the host of Full Frontal — the only female host, as it happens, of a late night TV show — as she interviews the Texas architect of the anti-abortion case currently being heard by the Supreme Court in the U.S.

So, yeah, change. It’s right there, between Sports Illustrated and Vogue. Get it quick. Before somebody puts a ring on it.

Written by Dianna Carr

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