AI: Keeping Pace with Innovation

Resultid Team
Jun 25 · 2 min read

There is real fatigue when it comes to industry buzzwords and catchphrases (who hasn’t heard these annoying statements and just cringed at some point?). I’m certainly guilty of uttering the occasional “bandwidth” and “deep dive.” When it comes to marketing copy that describes capabilities and features, you can certainly add “AI” and “ML” to the overused list.

Yet the promise of artificial intelligence is top of mind for business leaders across every industry, and it’s certainly much more than an annoying buzzword. It’s not hyperbole to say it’s the future of productivity, it’s here now, and it’s a massive challenge to stay up to date on the latest and greatest developments.

How much of a challenge? According to a recent study by KPMG titled “Thriving in an AI World” 69% of executives in businesses with at least $1 billion in revenue say it’s hard to keep up with the advances in AI- and that’s across 7 different industries. Part of the challenge is how fast companies can adopt and in fact, 55% of those same execs in Manufacturing say that AI adoption is moving faster than it should.

The overwhelming data that knowledge workers have to manage is increasing daily; just accessing information needed to complete tasks is a major challenge impacting productivity. Layer in the technical complexities of AI and it’s easy to see why these companies say it’s moving too fast and they can’t keep up.

It’s difficult to keep pace with the speed by which technology advances, at every level, and the companies who adapt faster will indeed have a significant advantage to thrive in an AI world. At Resultid, we strive to do our part with a framework that automatically analyzes overwhelming data to produce relevant results, helping companies and researchers to be better positioned to keep pace with innovation.

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