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One morning, Eunice wakes up to three strands of grey hair on her head. She is determined to turn her grey hair black, but not by the quickest and easiest solution. Instead, she takes a detour to address the root cause of her greying hair. 
Not knowing what it entails, Eunice becomes the donkey that chases the dangling carrot. She begins her journey with her first acupuncturist Jess Lee who eventually tells her more about herself than she knows. Jess is the first step to her self-discovery. As her inner world opens up, her outer world also opens up. Along the way, she meets different healers, masseuses, therapists, etc., revisits those who have shaped her past, and stumbles upon unusual experiences, some of which are on the other side of the planet while others are on the other side of the veil. 
Little does she know that her chase for the grey hair solution has become a journey to elevate her level of awareness. In the midst of this journey is a life lesson that she must learn. But she resists the lesson. What does the lesson have anything to do with her chase?

ISBN Paperback: 978–1–77370–105–9 | Hardcover: 978–1–77370–106–6 | Ebook: 978–1–77370–107–3

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