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We keep each other safe

The words below were shared with the Resonance community during inauguration week, as we collectively grappled with the undeniable violence of white supremacy, a raging pandemic, and the ever-present need for healing and mutual care.

Dear ones,

As we enter this time of transition, we remember that we are the descendants of people who have survived times like this.

They kept each other safe.

Here’s what we can do in this moment:

  • Who is in your orbit who might need care right now? Trust your instincts — check in on the person who keeps crossing your mind.
  • How are you tending to yourself? Whatever is supporting your needs can be supportive to others too.
  • What do you need? And how can you make that known?
  • What do you have to offer? And how can you make that known?
  • What ruptures can you repair right now? Relationship tending and repair can support your sense of safety with community and loved ones.
  • What rituals of protection did your ancestors practice? Which of these practices can you access right now?

The resilience of our ancestors is available to us now too.

We keep each other safe.

Here are a few resources resonating with us:



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