4 Things You Need to Know Before Attending a “Post”-Pandemic Concert

Kayla Crowley and Ethan Morganti share what they learned about attending concerts with Covid restrictions and guidelines. Despite still being in a pandemic, for them, listening to Harry Styles sing “Golden” live in a packed venue is worth abiding by a few restrictions.

Masks, vaccinations, and Covid tests. The new concert experience. Image by Kayla Crowley

The pandemic canceled and/or postponed concerts and festivals throughout 2020. Now, over a year later, these events are making their return with artists such as Tame Impala, Harry Styles and Tyler the Creator announcing tour dates. Tickets are selling out fast.

According to Forbes magazine, Life is Beautiful in Las Vegas, Outside Lands in San Francisco and Bottle Rock in Napa California had all sold out within just a few hours after tickets went on sale.

As many fans will be getting back to live music they will soon learn that the post-pandemic (or still in the pandemic) concert experience is unlike any other. There are now Covid protocols and regulations regarding masks, vaccinations, and testing that concert goers will have to adjust to. We have attended a few concerts and festivals, including T-Paine, Harry Styles, Life Is Beautiful and Believe festival since concerts have returned. Here are a few things everyone should know before they get back to live music.

ASUN required mask at the T-Paine concert in August 2021.

1. There may be a mask requirement

( but also wearing a mask regardless of a requirement is cool too)

Mask requirements are decided by the artist and venue on top of following each state’s covid protocols. Some artists have required their fans to wear a mask at all times while in the venue and during the concert. This means that whether or not a state has a mandatory mask mandate, there can still be a mask requirement for these events. Wearing a mask regardless of the requirement is the safest way to attend concerts with the ongoing pandemic.

Harry Styles announced Love on Tour Covid restrictions on Instagram.

2. Check Vaccine and testing requirements.

At Harry Styles concerts, fans had to be fully vaccinated at least 14 days before or to have proof of a negative Covid test administered 48 hours prior. However, different concerts may have different timelines for when a Covid test needs to be administered, as well as restrictions on what types of test they accept (at home, rapid test, ect.)

Some concerts may not have any restrictions at all, so make sure to check online before you go. For example, Life is beautiful requires festival goers to download the Clear Health Pass. via Twitter.

3. You may have to download a vaccination passport app.

For some concerts, you may just need a picture of your vaccination card or a negative test result, while others may require you to download a vaccination passport app. There are many different vax apps including Clear which is being used for many concerts and festivals including Life is Beautiful.The app asks users for a picture of their Covid vaccination card, their ID, and requires them to take a picture of their face which is then compared to their ID. It also asks a couple of questions so don’t wait until the last minute to download the app. In some areas cell service might not be great so you don’t want to miss out on your favorite band because you can’t upload your vaccination card in time.

4. There is no social distancing — not even a little bit.

It can feel a bit strange to be out at live events after a year of practicing six feet of social distancing and quarantining at home. Just like pre-pandemic concerts, people are pushed up against each other trying to be as close to the stage as they can, not leaving much room for personal space. Getting back in these large crowds may be a big adjustment for some individuals. Don’t feel pressured to go to concerts because your friends are, concerts are going to happen in future. We are living through a pandemic, take the time that you need. If you still plan on attending make sure to follow the Covid protocols for everyone’s safety and health.

Explainer Journalism for the Reynolds Sandbox by Kayla Crowley and Ethan Morganti



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