A Field of Dreams Made Possible Behind the Scenes

As the sun sets on the season for the Reno Aces, Bryon Restori and Evan Ferris report on the employees at Greater Nevada Field who work to keep the lights on.

In the first season since the Covid-19 lockdown, the Reno Aces are currently in second place in the Triple-A West division. The team’s success on the field helps bring more fans into the stadium, but it is the work behind the scenes that makes the fan experience even more enjoyable.

Kyle McAndrew, an “activation assistant” on the team who helps with the overall brand and corporate partnerships, is part of the dozens of employees working daily to ensure a positive fan experience.

“We have about sixty people from the front office … that help our guests and sponsors, and put everything into motion,” McAndrew explained. “On top of that we have the grounds and janitorial crew who are there not only on game days but sometimes seven days a week. Then finally we have everyone you’re used to seeing at a game in the ushers and concessions stand workers.”

McAndrew works to increase revenue brought into the stadium by improving the fan experience and making sure games run smoothly.

Custodian Steven Abraham also improves the fan experience, but at the ground level. His diverse skill set means he is needed throughout the stadium. Whether loading player bags, fixing a problem that needs immediate attention or cleaning something, he works wherever he is needed.

“Our shifts change depending on how much work needs to get done,” Abraham said. “It doesn’t matter if it takes us eight hours or four, we’re gonna have the stadium prepared for the fans.”

Abraham is thankful to be back at the park around the players. He knows he is not the best paid staff, however, he is still treated with respect and has made connections in multiple departments. Working at the ballpark is more than a job, for some it feels more like a family.

“I have wanted to work for a baseball team as a career since I was fifteen years old,” Abraham said. “That first week of working I was like a kid in a candy store and just absolutely had a fanboy moment and still do from time to time.”

Baseball has been a staple in American society for ages, often referred to as America’s pastime. The attention lies on the ballplayers, and rightfully so, but it is the tireless effort of the crew behind the scenes that keeps the show, even at this level, running.

“A minor league team has to have a lot of people to run smoothly,” Abraham said. When there’s a happy buzz in the crowd, the sun is setting over the Sierras, and the home team is ahead, staff can rejoice in a job well done.

Reporting by Bryon Restori and Evan Ferris for Reynolds Sandbox



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