A Last Drag Queen Dazzle Before the Fizzle of Coronavirus

UNR recently held its annual Drag Show in the Joe Crowley Ballroom to support Reno’s diverse drag community with guest host Shea Coulee. The event marked one of the last events held on campus due to the novel coronavirus. Reporting by Jessica Romo.

Guest host Shea Coulee is an internationally known drag queen, singer and activist. Photo from the UNR event by Jessica Romo.

From Drag Shows to Social Distancing

Prior to social distancing advisories and the end of public events, community members gathered on the University of Nevada, Reno, campus to have some fun while celebrating a vibrant culture with historical LGBTQIA+ significance.

The drag show on March 11th was a first for some including student Courtney Hendrix, a member of the UNR Queer Student Union.

“It has a really rich history in the queer community and it’s a chance to go out an express yourself,” Hendrix said, when asked what interests her about drag.

One queen’s impactful statement of wearing an elegant face mask as social restrictions were about to begin.

Student Queens Serving Realness

In total, there were 13 student contestants, each with individualistic style — one drag queen shocked the crowd by coming out wearing a face mask.

Hours of preparation go into drag performances with make-up, hair and costume dusting.

A video recap of the final drag show before the coronavirus shutdown in a video by Jessica Romo above.

Performing and Designing Costumes and Face Masks

Jorgie Silba (in photo below), also known as Ariana Does Moore, has been performing drag for three years, while occasionally staying up all night before performances. “I’ve been sewing and designing my costumes for two and a half years now,” Silba said in a subsequent interview.

Ariana Does Moore struts down the runway in her handmade Tulle Gown at the 2020 Drag Show. Photo by Jessica Romo.

Silba is a surgical Certified Nursing Assistant at Saint Mary’s Hospital — the U.S. healthcare system is currently experiencing material shortages, so in drag, Ariana Does Moore released a tutorial on how to make a simple face mask (in video below).

“I love sewing so I thought why not put that with drag together…to benefit the community and have them know how to make something fun and informational as well.” Ariana Does Moore also produced a face mask tutorial for YouTube viewers.

Reporting by Jessica Romo for the Reynolds Sandbox




The Reynolds Sandbox showcases innovative and engaging storytelling by students with the Reynolds Media Lab.

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Reynolds Sandbox

Reynolds Sandbox

Showcasing innovative and engaging multimedia storytelling by students with the Reynolds Media Lab in Reno.

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