Bottlerock Music Festival Has Right Vibe for Many, Including Getting Greener

Since 2013, thousands have been gathering in Napa Valley, California, for the annual Bottlerock Music Festival to enjoy food, beverages, including wine, and different genres of music. John Snelgrove reports on the three-day festival which is also striving to become more eco-friendly.

The BottleRock music festival reconvened this Memorial Day weekend with the metal band Bastardane on one of the smaller of four stages.

Compared to other festivals in the U.S, BottleRock has the reputation for being a more laid-back experience due to it offering more than just live music.

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Steve Shure, a professional in the music industry, compares this event favorably to the annual festival Coachella, which takes place in April in Indio, California.

“It’s not work to be here, it’s fun to be here. Whereas Coachella is a f*cking nightmare,” he said. “And you can actually drink wine and enjoy yourself and watch music, rather than be annihilated by the timing at the venue.”

The festival’s eclectic lineup is usually the main selling point for many fans, and this year Crayton Williams was enthusiastic about the Friday night schedule.

“So, the lineup was really good,” Williams said. “These guys, some of my friends, put it together and decided we were going to get tickets, and I’m really excited to go see Metallica tonight.”

Along with striving to have the most curated lineup, organizers also want the festival to become more sustainable.

BottleRock has banned the use of single use plastics and ensures most waste can be recycled or composted. Water filling stations were also placed throughout the venue to encourage people to refill their personal water bottles or those purchased at the festival. The festival concluded on Sunday with pop artist Pink closing out the event.

Reporting by John Snelgrove for the Reynolds Sandbox



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