Charting the Pandemic Waters of Worldwide Sexting

A self investigation into an unknown world by Alina Croft with visuals, audio, and complimentary experiences included by Faith Evans.

“Protect Yourself,” a conceptual photo by Faith Evans. Lots of chat site users cover their webcams, use a VPN to hide their IP address, or give out a fake name and location to keep themselves safe online.
Artists, nude exhibitionists, psychologists, DJs, pickup line masters — in just 30 minutes on a video chat site, you’ll meet a wide range of people from around the world. Join Faith Evans in her attempt to figure out what “type” of person visits a video chat room.

The Rise and Fall and Rise Again of Online Chat Rooms

If scammers, screenshot-takers, and hackers are a few of your worst fears when you get into international chat rooms, then your priorities are out of order. Faith Evans and internet attorney Andrew Jaffe discuss why you should be more worried about the chatroom site itself.

Re-Entering the Arena

All pulled directly from conversations, the quotes above seem to prove that age-old internet adage: anonymity makes people a lot more brazen. Graphic by Faith Evans

Chat Dirty to Me

Chatrooms present the exciting opportunity for people to connect with others internationally. However, that comes with its own slew of risks, including child pornography, sexual exploitation, and identity theft scams.

Risky Business

The graph displays site traffic on Omegle and Discord’s desktop apps. The two are not necessarily correlated in any way — Discord is simply included on the graph for reference, and to demonstrate the point that millions more users choose to socialize in chat rooms with less anonymity. Graphic by Faith Evans

No Return Policy

Reporting by Alina Croft and Faith Evans for the Reynolds Sandbox



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