Conner Funke, A Reno DJ Getting Funky With Music

The world of music as we all know it has been in for a dramatic change with the ongoing pandemic. Sean Sear gets an update with an up and coming DJ.

Conner Funke working with his current DJ set up, showing all of the tech behind the scenes of what it looks like to get some practice in. Photo taken by Sean Sear

The Beginning

Conner Funke can be incredibly well respected when it comes to his own work because he has been practicing putting his own style and flow into each song he is working on. Style is one of the best ways to differentiate yourself from other competitors in the highly competitive DJ industry.

In today’s day and age, there is so much new with everything out there. Whether it be technology or a product’s evolution, there is a substantial difference in what the people of this country can do today compared to barely a decade ago.

In this evolving world of ours, the way people rise to the top of success is ever changing as well. In other words, what people can do today for jobs is incredibly different compared to back in time, and technology is a huge part of that.

The characteristics that are seen in most musical artists are those that have passion behind the work, those that produce and perfect their craft for a reason, and finally, those that want to produce to please the audience and leave them with nothing but udder bliss and happiness leaving that specific experience of their “art” or “work”.

These traits are also those of the relatively new culture of up-and-coming DJs. DJs have been around for some time but the world that they live in as well as the lifestyle for them is changing with the times, and many are curious as to how things are changing within this subculture of the industry.

Above, one of the many playlists on Funke’s Soundcloud account that he has made for a specific gig.

The Past

Conner Funke was born in Carson City, Nevada and was raised there as well.

He grew up living a life participating and dominating standard and extreme sports all the while attending school. He realized at a young age that he wanted to do something where he could easily express himself and that he took pride in. He has wanted to inspire people ever since he could think for himself, and he feels today that he has found exactly what he can do to accomplish that… becoming someone that can inspire people with the perfect and everlasting flow of music. .

Funke has been working with music in general for not as long as most would think but that’s also part of what makes all of this even more impressive.

When I had asked him how long he has been involved with music in general he responded with, “A few years probably, anywhere between three–five years I would think,” although he has always had a passion for the music industry since he was a kid.

So it is pretty apparent that Funke has set his mind to this type of lifestyle and wants to continue diving even deeper into the music industry moving forward. He is still fairly new to the specificity of the DJ world but has developed a strong and deep connection with it in a matter of a few years.

Now, when I asked Funke what it is about being a DJ that truly motivates him, he had a lot to say about the true “satisfaction” of giving everyone the ability to have a great time with themselves and others around them. He loves the connection that he has noticed that music can bring between people and he thinks it is one of the best parts of music for him.

A post from Conner Funke’s Instagram showing him live and in action:

The Future

At this point you may be asking yourself, “what does the entirety of DJing culture look like?” or “What makes a DJ so important?”

When Funke is asked where this industry is today and where he thinks it is going, as well as how the industry motivates him, his response was detailed.

“I think it is already huge today to be honest but, I think that it is definitely growing because there are more and more people that are wanting to make music everyday, and there is just so much more to learn with the entire process and skill level behind all of it,” he said. “If you think about it, you kind of need a DJ wherever you go at some point, whether that be a wedding, a bar or club, or even a festival because without a DJ it can be tough to live in the moment and have a good time with not only yourself but everyone around you. It’s perfectly satisfying to me because I feel that it really does bring people together and sets them free when all of the world around us is just having problems. It also motivates me because I really love getting to express my emotions within my own music while making it.”

Most people in today’s society know the names like Skrillex, Tiesto, Kygo, Alesso and many more. One thing all of these artists have in common is the genre of music. There may be some subdivisions of what type of music genre it is but, for the most part, they all play and tweak a lot with electronic music. The question now may be, “How do you differentiate yourself from the others?” and this might just be one of the hardest questions to answer.

Funke was asked where he sees himself going within this industry, and his response was nothing short of realistic.

“Well my plan is to make it a career and I know that I can make a career just because of how much passion I have for it and the level of commitment I am able to put into it,” he said. “So, I honestly just see myself as a pretty decent DJ playing at festivals and clubs in the future whether it be other’s music that I blend and mix together myself or it be my own produced music that I develop and create.”

At this point there is really nothing left to ask or do besides sit back and watch where Funke can go in the music industry. Seeing people that do things for other people’s pleasure or satisfaction and to also make a living out of it is truly one of the best things anyone could witness of someone in today’s world.

Reporting for the Reynolds Sandbox by Sean Sear




The Reynolds Sandbox showcases innovative and engaging storytelling by students with the Reynolds Media Lab.

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