Dungeons and Dragons during COVID-19, Not Just for “Cave Dwellers”

Chozen Pierce tries to understand the passion some of his friends have for the fantasy game.

Figurines that Dustin Duranleau has been collecting with his passion for D&D.

Think of an Epic Fantasy

Dustin Duranleau, is a student at the University of Reno, Nevada, studying Kinesiology, who also manages his own Dungeons and Dragons group where he narrates and plays a wide and diverse number of characters.

“Think of Dungeons and Dragons as a way for you to play yourself in an epic fantasy or a way for you to play as someone you wish to be,” he said explaining his passion.

Duranleau originally began playing D&D among friends back in his home town in southern California before coming to Reno. He initially explains that D&D was just a fun, organized way to stay in touch with friends and experience something new.

The author tries playing with friends to understand the allure of the game. Here, Duranleau transmits his passion while Jason Thompson thinks of what he should do with his character.

Good for the Mind and Molding your Persona

After spending the evening learning how to play D&D with one of my friends Jason Thompson, I quickly got hooked into the endless possibilities of how the game could be played and how someone has absolute control of their character’s actions.

Duranleau explains this sensation as a completely empty Costco where you are the one that decides what kind of products and traits you want to fill the store with.

Duranleau said he used to be able to host D&D sessions every week, sometimes even twice a week. However, due to COVID-19 being able to host sessions has become more difficult. In spite of not being able to host as often, Duranleau has adapted and tried hosting sessions over Zoom to keep his passion and the passion of others going.

Duranleau encourages everyone to try Dungeons and Dragons. He also wants people to steer clear of the preconceived notion that only the stereotypical “cave dweller” plays D&D. That D&D is an activity that could be enjoyed by everyone, building a character fitting to what you as a person seeing yourself being or someone you wish to be.

Reporting by Chozen Pierce for the Reynolds Sandbox



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