Esports Fandom and the Famous Green Wall

Reyden Morett shows what it’s like to be a part of the Green Wall family, the biggest fan base in Esports with OpTic Gaming.

Last Live Experience

“Let’s go Optic” chants roar across a sea of green OpTic Gaming fans attending the 2019 Call of Duty World League Championship in Anaheim, California. They are supporting their favorite Esports team, the juggernaut also known as the Green Wall.

This is the last live event I was able to attend due to the Covid pandemic.

It is amazing. Green Optic flags are waved throughout the crowd as hundreds of Optic fans yell, “ Bruuuce!!!”

Every time Bruce, also known as Dashy, [real name Brandon Otell] pops off with a three piece slaying his way through another unfortunate CDL team that has to face off against him and the famous Green Wall. While being surrounded by fellow green Optic fans all around me, I watch in awe as another OpTic competitor, the fiery red hair Scumpii, is frying every player in his way.

The wave of excitement from the whole arena when a big time play happens makes my skin crawl with goosebumps and my heart pumps five-thousand times in a millisecond. Explaining the feeling of being at a live event with the Green Wall around you everywhere you turn is nearly impossible. Something one can only truly feel and experience for themselves. Fans can experience this feeling during the next live event that is set to take place in Arlington, Texas, at the Esports Stadium from March 3rd through March 6th.

Without the CEO of Frisco, Texas based OpTic Gaming, Hector “H3CZ” Rodriguez, and Seth “Scump” Abner, the face of their Call of Duty team, fans all agree the Green Wall wouldn’t be as big as it is today. Rodriguez and Abner together not only helped create one of the greatest Esports fan bases today, but they also molded the Green Wall into being one big community.

“ I have met and made some of my best friends by being a part of the Green Wall,” OpTic fan Malakai Nactor says. “ Every member of the Green Wall is part of one big family, community.”

Malakai has been an OptTc fan and part of the Green Wall since 2012 and got to witness the OpTic Dynasty Team, consisting of the players Formal, Crim, Karma and Scump. “ Watching these four players win the big one against our long-time rivals Envy, was one of the best days of my life and a memorable moment that will stick with me forever. Being there to witness it with all my Green Wall brothers and sisters made the memory that much sweeter,” says Malakai of the 2017 breakthrough win.

Above, OpTic Gaming defeated Envy for the second best of five series to win their first Call of Duty World Championship in 2017.

Respecting Our Competitors

The best thing about being an Optic fan and being in the Green Wall family is meeting a ton of amazing people and building great friendships along the way.

As competitive and passionate as we, the Green Wall are, respecting other teams and their fan bases is just as important to us as winning.

Without the other teams and their fan bases the Green Wall wouldn’t have a reason to exist. “ I love seeing my fellow Green Wall fans cheer with passion for our team, but seeing all the other fan bases gathered in the arena with us rooting for their teams, makes the live experience of watching professional Call of Duty that much more exciting,” says Optic fan Jose Corpuz.

Without the other fan bases Call of Duty wouldn’t be as big as it is today in the Esports world. The Green Wall may pride themselves on being the biggest family and fan base in the Esports community, but we also hold big respect for all the other fan bases and people in them. As for without them, there is no us.

OpTic Gaming’s Twitter posted the Green Wall’s motto, “Together we stand, together we fall, together we are, the Green Wall” reminding fans that we OpTic fans and Green Wall family shall always stick together through the ups and downs.

Reynolds Sandbox Reporting by Reyden Morett



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