Growing up First Generation Asian American in Northern Nevada

Kayla Smothers and Seanna Simpson showcase three first gen Asian-Americans in their 20s. While in different stages of college and life, these four students reminisce on their experiences with different expectations and upbringings from their parents.

Chloe Calaguas, a senior at UNR majoring in biology.
Chloe posing with her mom, dad, and older sister.

Calaguas said that growing up, she became quite white-washed because that is quite the norm for Asian culture. She described how even though she is Asian, her parents named her Chloe to protect her from the racism that some Asians can experience when having a foreign name.

Austin takes a picture with his family on a trip in Taipei, Taiwan.
Austin with his dad, mom, and sisters on a family trip.

Reporting by Kayla Smothers and Seanna Simpson for the Reynolds Sandbox



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