Humans of Reno: Fashion Blogging from the Biggest Little City

Emilie Rodriguez reports on a fashion blogger who blends creativity, color, and writing, along with her family and faith.

Reno born and raised, Shantel Racine started a blog called “A Picture Worth Style” in February of 2019, to post about fashion, faith, and lifestyle. Racine is a stay at home mom with a little boy, and says her inspiration for fashion stemmed from when she was little.

Q: Where did your inspiration for fashion stem from?

A: Yeah, so my mom was always very fashionably put together, and was an influence on me in that area. I also started when I was really little. I loved playing with dolls and making doll clothes and that’s where my clothing inspiration started from. It just grew, and I liked seeing new styles come out, trendy stuff. I like a little more of the classier side of clothing, rather than modern stuff. I like finding different ladies that I specifically like, and following their style. I get a lot of inspiration from Lauren Conrad.

Q: How did you get into blogging itself?

A: A lady that I know, a fellow blogger named Chloe Mackintosh, she has a blog called Boxwood Avenue. I started following her stuff a lot, and she lives in a little place called Likely, California. She lives on a little farm and I started following a lot of what she was doing. I got into blogging and thought it was something I could do and that I would love. I can incorporate my writing with it, my fashion with it, and my faith with it. Also, just different creativity and taking pictures because all of those are different things I love to do, but I didn’t know how to be able to incorporate it all together and not make it feel like it’s all of the place. So, blogging was a space I could share all that with. I really got inspired by Chloe and the blogging world was something where I felt like I could be myself at. You don’t have to put up a facade or anything, this is who I am, this is what I love doing, and it’s out there for people to either like or not like.

Q: Do you have any other media influencers that you look up too?

A: When I first started my blog, I was kind of out in the boonies. I didn’t know where I was going, so I just started it. I didn’t lean towards anyone that I knew too much, it was more I started and just went along. I didn’t get to much from other influencers, I just knew it was where I wanted to go.

Q: What does your blog and Instagram prep look like?

A: Every other day, between my blog and my Instagram. Usually I’ll post to my blog once a week, and it’s usually on the weekends, like Thursday or Friday. I’ll force that through my Instagram to update with people, try and get new followers, and then just being able to keep up with a blog that’s new, something that people actually want to look at. I try and incorporate new things that come out.

Q: What does it mean to be a “Fashion” and “Faith” blogger?

A: My faith is the biggest part for me. I became a Christian when I was twelve, so one thing that I really like to do is influence others by showing you can be fashionable and modest at the same time. A lot of times, especially in our world today where there are a lot of ladies who feel like they can’t dress appropriately while being cute and fashionable. I think this is an incorrect message that’s being spread. So, through my fashion I wanted to be able to inspire other ladies and girls they can be fashionable, cute, and modest all at the same time. Also, for them to be passionate about putting clothes and colors together, to have a plug in, and to be the girl God’s created them to be. You’ll see on my blog that I post something that God is teaching me, or something that my family’s been going through….something to encourage girls to access their God-given talent.

Q: What sort of company collaborations have you done, and how does this process work?

A: My first collaboration was with a little place called Twist Me Knot, and I was inspired by my friend Chloe. I contacted her and she helped me figured out how to get collaborations. That was something I was really nervous about because you don’t know if they’re going to be receptive or not. A lot of times they look at your followers, and your blog, and they see if you are worth investing in or not. I got my first one sometime last year, and after that I started getting the guts to put myself out there and say hey, “this is what I like to do, would you be interested in collaborating with me.” In the fashion blogging world, there are two types of companies. There are the ones that go towards modesty, and others that are not. A lot of the mainstream ones, I don’t go towards because they don’t align with my style. Being able to find collaborations with the same standards as me was hard. Sometimes people contact you and ask if you want to to collaborate, and I have to ask if I’m ok with this for my faith. It’s pretty intense at first.

Q: How do you want to see your blog evolve and grow?

A: I make a lot of goals, so in the beginning of the year I wanted to hit a certain amount of followers. With collaborations, you can start to make commissions, so I started doing that. As a stay at home mom, I want the ability to make money, and spend it on clothes and fashion. One of the things that I’d really like to do is transition from Blogger to Wordpress. I’d also like to to post once a week and to be open to new ideas. I also want to move with the audience, because sometimes you want to talk about something that people don’t really want to listen too.

Q: What advice would you give to your past self before starting?

A: I would have said to start on Wordpress instead of Blogger. I also wish that I had been a bit more clear sided on somethings in my earlier posts. You go back and read them and ask yourself “what was I thinking?” I would have wished for myself to have kept up with things in the world right now. Being able to move with the world, is a big one, and keeping up with the different trends, it’s hard. But, it’s a learning process and a growing process, because it’s something you develop as you go along.

Q: Is it challenging balancing blogging and family?

A: I would have to say it’s pretty easy going. The one thing is, I give myself a lot of grace. First and foremost I’m a wife and a mother and that’s the most important thing in my life. Being able to take care of my husband and my child is bigger to me then anything else I can do. There are times where I have to give myself grace, and realize the blog comes second and as a wife and a mother the best thing I can do is to take care of them. As a fashion blogger I’d say it does take second place in my life, but, I’ve never felt like I can’t get to it because I have to do something for my family. I just remind myself that this is something that I love doing as a hobby, it’s not something that I have to do everyday or I have to get after myself for not doing something with it. I know a lot of fashion bloggers that this is pretty much their life and I never want to get to the point where I have to pick in between the two.

Reporting by Emilie Rodriguez for the Reynolds Sandbox



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