Humans of Reno: Trent Unruh, the Dirtbike Daredevil

Dirt bike culture is big in remote areas of Northern Nevada where many isolated dusty hills can be found as well as competitions. Trent Unruh is a university student who spends most of his free time preparing and riding his bike. Lucia Starbuck reports in text and video for the Reynolds Sandbox.

Trent Unruh has been dirt bike riding for 16 years. Screengrab from a video by Lucia Starbuck.

Unruh currently owns a 2009 Honda CRF 450 R 4 stroke dirt bike, which he regularly rides into steep hills and sandy bowls, along the Wilson Canyon trail, in Smith Valley, Nevada, a favorite spot for local bikers, about 90 minutes south of the Biggest Little City.

Find out about Unruh’s progress as a biker, his choice of number for races, and see him in dusty action in the video below.

Reporting and Video by Lucia Starbuck Shared with Reynolds Sandbox