Local news, student insights, podcasts, documentaries, niche websites and more from the Reynolds Media Lab

The Reynolds Media Lab at the Reynolds School of Journalism offers student journalists opportunities to report and tell important, local stories in a wide variety of formats. Presentation and top visual by Catherine Schofield.

News initiatives from the lab include Our Town Reno and the election cycle Nevada Vote.


The Reynolds Sandbox serves as a landing place for magazine-style web adapted student journalism. From local recommendations, to investigative reports, and profiles about people living in Reno, the Sandbox covers many of the fascinating facets of northern Nevada.

Covering Fires as a Photographer Back Home in the Footsteps of my Father the Forester. A photo series and article by Richard Bednarski recently published on the Sandbox here: https://medium.com/the-reynolds-media-lab/covering-fires-as-a-photographer-back-home-in-the-footsteps-of-my-father-the-forester-3dbdbada4e3e.

Another Reynolds Media Lab newsroom is the Our Town Reno street reporting collective which is focused on social issues in Reno surrounding the affordability crisis, poverty and public space. Featuring interviews with residents being priced out of Reno, Our Town Reno is interested in hearing your story, whether in an interview, or through its many social media channels.

Not Burning Man, But a Rogue Version Gets Ready for a Second Year Running. A recent Reynolds Media Lab Our Town Reno photo series and article by Jayme Souza.

#NevadaVote and the Reno Tahoe Business Report are speciality seasonal newsrooms if you’re interested in elections and local business reporting.

Why Were The Polls So Off, Again? A Graphic and Nevada Vote article by Henry Stone.


If you’re tired of listening to the same songs on repeat, why not try a podcast produced by RSJ students or alumni? With topics from best reviews of bad products, two graduates having fun, and local issues surrounding neighbors without stable shelter, there’s something for everyone. Why not give some of them a listen below?

Reynolds Sandbox reporter Faith Evans speaks with internet attorney Andrew Jaffe about chatroom scammers, international internet law, and the perils of the fine print in privacy policies for the Reynolds HotBox podcast.
We’re Steph and Rach! Two Jewish women living the dream and shooting the sh*t. On our podcast, we tell funny stories, play games, and just chat. We want to give you a fun yet chill experience like we’re all sitting on a couch together in your mom’s basement.
An Our Town Reno podcast episode looked into how the pandemic affected the unhoused in northern Nevada.

Taking you through a tour through the world’s biggest mistakes of design, from movies, to games, to even more, three hosts on The Bad, The Bad and The Worst (sample episode above) argue to find out what really is the worst.


Documentaries, campus news, funny videos and more! The Reynolds Media Lab has a plethora of things for you to watch, no paid subscription required. Check out some clips below and find something you like!

Our Town Reno summer reporter Jayme Souza presents a group of dedicated wood makers in Reno, Nevada, who teach others and also make memorable toys for kids, including for charity.
Journalism is divided territory these days. Intrepid student reporter Karina Dominguez who can interview while walking backwards, while competing with a rival news team and in elevators confronts those who seem to hate part of the media and others who give good tips. David Delfin is behind the camera.
Meet the residents of Virginia City, Nevada, as they experience change and new beginnings in this 2020 documentary from a Reynolds School of Journalism class in documentary filmmaking. Filmmakers: Director Emilie Rodriguez, Producer Kristiana Abacan, Editor Sierra Ferguson.

For keeping up with reporting from the Reynolds Media Lab, you can also now follow The Reynolds Sandbox on Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok and Snapchat @ReynoldsSandbox.

The Reynolds Sandbox showcases innovative and engaging storytelling by students with the Reynolds Media Lab.

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Reynolds Sandbox

Reynolds Sandbox

Showcasing innovative and engaging multimedia storytelling by students with the Reynolds Media Lab in Reno.

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