Lush, the Handmade Cosmetics Company, Lands in Reno

Maggie Durling takes an inside look at the British-based company, which has about 1,000 stores globally, including a temporary one now in the Biggest Little City for the current holiday season.

A Much Anticipated Start Previously Delayed

In late 2019, the cosmetic company had planned a Christmas pop-up. However, after an accident with their pop-up structure catching on fire while in transit, they had to postpone that.

Well after two years, and delays due to the pandemic, Lush has finally arrived. This fan-favorite brand has opened its first Reno location at Summit Reno, located between two clothing stores on the west side of the mall.

On display in top photo above, a Charity Pot, which is the brand’s way of giving back, with 100% of the purchase price for that item going to charities. If a customer saves the container holding the product and brings five clean ones back, they get a free fresh face mask.

Behind the Brand

Consumers want to buy from companies which share similar ideals as they do. They want to know that the companies getting their money are worthy of it.

Lush is known by its customers to be one of those companies.

“Being pregnant I like that everything has more natural ingredients,” said Courtney, a soon-to-be mother and one of the first customers at this new location. “I like all of the bath bombs.”

With a strong code of ethics guiding their practices, Lush strives to prove that they are living up to what they say they are. Their company values include naked packaging, vegan, cruelty-free products, ethically bought and fresh ingredients, and all handmade products.

They highlight these ideals on all their packaging, even including stickers featuring a made-on date as well as featuring the employee that made the product.

A Trial Phase

Shopping in Reno can be difficult. With bigger name brands not having locations in town, it can make it hard to get your favorites. Many people resort to driving two hours over the hill to Roseville to do their shopping.

This new pop-up is one of 15 in the country. While they do not have an official date for how long they will be open, they anticipate being open until mid-January or maybe longer if they see an interest in the community.

The store manager, Erica, stood at the entrance to the store, greeting each customer, and making sure that they had a mask on and used hand sanitizer before touching any product.

“We incorporate our belief statements into our lives as well,” Erica said.

Some fan-favorite products include bath bombs, lip scrubs, and shower scrubs.

“Sometimes I just smell it in the shower,” Tracy, a local and excited customer, said, describing her favorite shower scrub. “It just makes me feel good.”

Halloween and Christmas products were on display, with long scheduled opening hours to greet other Reno deprived Lush loyalists.

Reporting by Maggie Durling for the Reynolds Sandbox



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