MediaTips: How to Keep Growing Your Podcast

You’ve recorded a few episodes but gave up because it was too much work, you didn’t see enough traction or you just lost the initial gusto? The host of the sports podcast Sportscast Weekly, Reynolds School of Journalism student John Macaluso, is here to offer you some tips and insights to keep going.

Macaluso’s journey of podcasting began in early 2014 when he began working for a gaming website called The Gamer Access. He recently shifted to his own sports podcast. Photo provided by John Macaluso.

A Journey into Sports Podcasting

“The podcast I first worked for, called Unscripted Access, was a ton of fun and I really loved being on the show,” Macaluso said. “Two years later, I moved on from gaming and began working on my own podcast. It would be a sports podcast the likes of which no one has ever seen! In November of 2016, I started Sportscast Weekly in the podcast studio in the Reynolds School of Journalism.”

John’s Five Top Tips to Maintaining a Successful Podcast

A recent episode of Sportscast Weekly.

1. Consistency

Consistency is one of the most important attributes a podcast can have. Potential listeners will have a hard time keeping up with future episodes when they are not released in a consistent manner. If you plan to publish episodes on Mondays, stay consistent with that. Publishing is one of those things that cannot be static. Reading this makes it sound so much easier than it is, but it is definitely a challenge.

2. Use Editing To Your Advantage

Editing is your best friend in podcasting. When recording, you can feel free to have a long pause or even take a moment to gather your thoughts. If I had a dollar for every long pause or solitary “um” I have edited out of the Sportscast, I would have enough money to pay off my tuition. Do not be afraid to make mistakes because they can all be fixed through the magic of editing!

3. Use The Resources Available To You

When I first began planning the Sportscast, I constantly delayed the first episode because I felt that I lacked the resources to record. This was until I learned that the Reynolds School had a podcasting studio! The podcasting studio is awesome, but my favorite studio on campus is the radio studio. Look guys, I can gush about these studios for the rest of the article if I could. They are comfortable, professional, and give your podcast the quality your listeners deserve. (If you are a student at the Reynolds School,) these resources are here for you guys to use, so don’t be afraid to schedule an appointment in them. In fact, here’s the link for that!

4. Maintain A Structure

Having a structure is important! Without one, your podcast will end up all over the place. This does not mean scripted. Personally, I am not a big fan of scripted audio. What I do prefer is having numerous topics to talk about and talking about them in a certain order. Then the conversation on these topics can be completely unscripted.

5. Confidence

Look, not a single one of these things matters if you do not have confidence in yourself or your abilities. Have confidence in your voice and your ability to provide quality content. This one is short, simple, and sweet.

Macaluso has been trying to expand his social media presence, including a new Facebook page with regular postings.

Extra Tip: Never Give Up

The last tip will be here in closing and that is to never give up. Podcasting is no easy task. Life gets in the way sometimes and makes it hard to stay consistent. Some days you will get sick and your voice will sound awful. You’ve just got to keep your head up and keep pushing!

Tips and photos provided by John Macaluso for the Reynolds Sandbox

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