Motels of Reno, Demolished One at a Time, As Biggest Little City Changes

As Reno rebrands, change is happening including the gradual disappearance of local motels, long a refuge for those with few other housing options.

A familiar sight in Reno, the recent destruction of a motel, in this case the Carriage Inn. Our Town Reno file photo.
Former residents of a now destroyed motel. Our Town Reno file photo.
The Star Dust Lodge was another motel recently destroyed amid the Jacobs Entertainment Fourth street buyout.
In the mid 20th century, Reno motels were a main attraction for tourists. “I always thought the motels were a cute little quirk of our history,” said Sofia Lombardo, a Reno resident who has lived here her whole life. Our Town Reno file photo.
Outside the still standing Desert Rose Inn. Photo by Gracie Gordon.

Worried about Gentrification or Mental Health Issues?

Reporting by Our Town Reno shared with Reynolds Sandbox



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