Places of Reno: The Golden Jackal

The Dick Diamond’s Golden Jackal vintage clothing store in Midtown Reno brings back sort of an “old Reno” aesthetic. This is part of an audio / photo series by Nick Acevedo on Hidden Gems of Midtown shared with the Reynolds Sandbox. Original story here .

A beautifully embroidered logo jacket — one of the many awesome things you can expect to find at the Golden Jackal. Photo by Nick Acevedo

Owned by Peter Barnato, The Golden Jackal is one of the more unique shops in Midtown. Specializing in a curated mixture of classic mid-century and old western styles, The Golden Jackal brings back sort of an “old Reno” aesthetic.

From leather to denim, to custom t-shirts, Golden Jackal has anything and everything you need for a “western rock n’ roll” style. Photo by Nick Acevedo
“I really wanted to create a place that was obviously really unique anywhere in the United States, but especially here and I think Reno has a really interesting kind of culmination of culture.”

Barnato spent over 10 years collecting vintage clothing from leather jackets, denim vests, t-shirts, patches, and so on before he felt he was truly ready to open his business.

Peter Barnato sits behind the counter of The Golden Jackal. Photo by Nick Acevedo
“We just wanted to have a place where we could create clothes. It’s really curated, we have certain aesthetic that we’re going for. Kind of a classic American style, I guess.”

Though the shop is only a few months old, it has already been visited by bands like The Growlers. If you are looking for some cool new threads to shake up your wardrobe, look no further than The Golden Jackal on 600 S Virginia St.

Photos, Audio and Reporting by Nick Acevedo shared with Reynolds Sandbox

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