Seven Nations, One Team on UNR’s Hardcourts

Cayley Dishion and Montana Lloyd report on why the Wolf Pack women’s tennis team is made up of only international student-athletes and why this is important to Nevada’s athletics.

Russian sophomore Anastasia Luneva warms up during a recent practice on Nevada’s home court, McArthur Tennis Center. The Nevada women’s tennis team has something no other Nevada team has, a roster of only international students and coaches. As unique as this may sound, it is no coincidence. Photo by Cayley Dishion.
Head Coach Guillame Tonelli is dialed in during practice.
In most countries outside the United States, there isn’t much opportunity to play a sport at a high level while also attending school. Photo by Montana Lloyd.
Lake Tahoe is an alluring calling card for outsiders coming to the region. Photo by Montana Lloyd.
Alles, Turulja, Luneva and team pose with masks. Photo by Nevada Women’s Tennis Twitter, @nevadawtennis with permission to use.
Upcoming matches can be found on the team’s Twitter account.

Reporting by Cayley Dishion and Montana Lloyd for the Reynolds Sandbox



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