The Biggest Little Fashion Truck, Adapting to Change

Alina Croft reports on how a local fashion company has become a family affair built on versatility, surviving despite the ongoing pandemic.

Brigitte Murdock (left) with her sister Britton Murdock Nun (right) in front of their ‘boutique on wheels’, the Biggest Little Fashion Truck. Photo by Alina Croft

Holding Small Scale Events while Staying Safe

On a warm, hazy, Friday afternoon, the Biggest Little Fashion Truck, or BLFT, a ‘boutique on wheels’ hosted an event with The Roost coffee shop. BLFT is owned by Brigitte Murdock in partnership with her sister, Britton Murdock Nun.

This was the fourth live event done by BLFT since the beginning of the Covid-19 lockdown in March, others being at restaurants, a skin care boutique, and at a local bar.

“With Covid it has been especially hard because we are event-based and so without having large events, it was hard for a while,” said Murdock, clothed in items from her boutique and a light pink mask.

“We’ve kind of found ways to make sure we are in open air, socially distanced events, making sure everyone wears masks and we’ve been able to get back to our events, which has been great.”

The casual event featured the truck itself, several clothing racks spaced out around The Roost and a table filled with jewelry, hats, and masks for sale. Potential customers milled around, keeping a safe distance between each other, and browsed the items. Though the event was different than had previously been the norm for BLFT, the local business has been adapting to the Covid-19 era.

“We’ve definitely had to rely more heavily on more channels of our business, such as our online store, personal shopping and styling, and stuff like that,” said Murdock.

The mobile truck has remained active on Twitter, screengrab above, @BLFTreno, Instagram @blftreno, and on a Facebook page called Biggest Little Fashion Truck. BLFT has a storefront location on Dickerson Rd., ready to help customers on a limited basis and an online store at

A Passion Gained Through Softball

How did Murdock gain her passion for her business? Playing softball for the University of Nevada, Reno.

“When I was playing on my softball team I kind of noticed I had a talent for styling and specifically styling different body types,” she said.

“I would start helping my teammates and they would all come over and I would style them before we went out. I really fell in love with that feeling of giving someone confidence through clothing because it was just so crazy the difference of one of my teammates feeling like we were going to get ready to go out and do something and they loved their outfit versus before when they were feeling just maybe not confident or they didn’t know what flattered their body shape,” said Murdock.

Once graduating with a Masters in Educational Leadership, Murdock began her career in that field.

“I really wanted to be an athletic director and be geared more towards athletic administration. Once I was in the career, I realized I wasn’t really fulfilled, so I started to really look at my life,” said Murdock. “Once I started working I started taking my coworkers and I would personal shop with them and curate wardrobes with them. And again, it was different body shapes which I think is like half the battle of styling; dressing that makes you feel most confident and you get to confidence through flattering your body shape.”

Leaving athletic academia took some time while figuring out how to begin BLFT.

“From there I started doing some market research on boutiques, retail in general, and I knew that I had to be different and I had to be low overhead if I was going to start a business. So, I saved up a ton of money and then I took out a loan and I started the truck about four years ago,” said Murdock.

Murdock was alone in this venture until her sister Nun joined her about one and a half years ago. “It’s so fun to do events like this again and talk to people while they’re shopping,” said Nun.

Reporting by Alina Croft for the Reynolds Sandbox



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