The power of ASUN: What’s happening behind closed doors

Jaedyn Young and Michael Rubio report on the ASUN Senate from an outsider’s point of view, looking in to see what’s actually going on behind the scenes of one of the most powerful organizations on campus. An abrupt resignation rocked a meeting this week, but the show of force went on.

The ASUN Senators gather for their weekly meeting in the Rita Laden Senate Chambers on the third floor of the Joe building. Photo by Michael Rubio.

The norm for the Senate

Clayton Greb, the senator for the College of Business reads his resignation letter to the other senators in the Rita Laden Senate Chambers. Photo by Michael Rubio.

Positives of the Senate

Greb’s resignation letter is read to the audience of senators and spectators during the ASUN Senate meeting. Video by Michael Rubio.

The controversy surrounding ASUN

The real power of ASUN

Reynolds Sandbox reporting by Jaedyn Young and Michael Rubio



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