UNR’s Winter Guard Team Looks Ahead To Competitive Schedule

Troy Welling reports on the university’s Winter Guard team, getting ready for competitions in which teams create and perform complex sequences of dance with special equipment such as flags.

The UNR team rehearses this week for the Winter Guard Championships, with different regional events up ahead throughout the Spring semester. The team won a championship in 2020 and is trying to return to that level of success.

Little Known Performers

A lot of people don’t understand what the Winter Guard is and how it might differ from something they see at halftime shows at University of Reno, Nevada, Wolf Pack Football games. The Winter Guard is the team that interprets the music of what normally is the marching band, but in this case with pre-recorded music. They look to create a magical show that coordinates precise footwork and dance together.

There is a hidden level of talent that these dancers have in order to elevate the level of entertainment and cooperation needed to win a championship. It’s not as simple as creating choreography that goes well to a mix of music. They are creating an entire show from start to finish.

This is the first time this year that the public is able to see how the Winter Guard is performing and get an inside look on their chance at a championship. And this is also the first time that the team gets to officially rehearse the show they’ve been practicing and, as a side bonus, get a small audience to see their first public run.

“This is my favorite show yet as it’s really difficult but very different and fun to learn,” Lindsey, a team member, said.

No Perfect out of the Gate

As with every first rehearsal, it wasn’t picture perfect right out of the gate, but they quickly were able to recover and get all members back on track and in sync just a few minutes in. After a bit of practice runs, they finished the night with two rehearsal runs and received feedback from the audience.

The rehearsal started late into the night around 8:30 p.m. Feb. 16th and finished around 10 p.m., a process that the team is very used to from their normal practices. It was a frosty night dipping below 40 degrees but luckily the team is able to do all of their practicing inside the Virginia Street Gym.

There are many returning members from the previous year’s team, which keeps the chemistry and synergies going. Lindsey (in photo above) is also a returning captain from last year so she knows the team well and they look to her for her enthusiastic leadership.

The UNR Winter Guard is excited to welcome new members to the team this season and looks forward to being able to build from previous results of being champions in 2020 and finalists in years before.

Reynolds Sandbox reporting by Troy Welling



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