No More Live Fish

With the third and final project segment quickly approaching I have had to do some major thinking about the direction my project is heading in. Up until now I have not deviated from my design plan at all, but for my final segment I had to get realistic about my sushi goals; originally, I intended on heading to a fish market to get a live fish to scale and degut myself. However, with absolutely no experience doing so I decided that time and ability were not on my side. Furthermore, my mom was not down for the degutting of a live fish in her kitchen.

I have thus decided to select a new recipe to create for my final segment. This recipe will be sushi with shrimp tempura. I figured that the recipe will still pose a greater level of difficulty than my other recipes, with the deveining and frying of the shrimp, so I don’t completely flake out on creating a more complex sushi roll with an element of working with a sea creature.

This was particularly important to me because when I first even thought about this project I knew I wanted to challenge myself more every time with each recipe and stick to my original goal. The live fish however, would be a reasonable goal after I have a better understanding of the complexity of working with such ingredients that are totally new to me. To add another complex element, I may decide to make a meal out of this segment and create a traditional Japanese soup and another side dish. I have not had luck locating what a full traditional Japanese sushi meal would consist of but I will conduct great research into this and come up with something that will create a palate consistent with the fried shrimp tempura.

I plan on recording the whole process to put on my blog and also explain in greater detail why I decided to change my recipe choice. I may also decide to change the look of the post with this segment to emulate a more meal like dinner, rather than the clean cut, simplistic look my blog has so far taken on with just detailing the technical steps of sushi rolling.

These choice definitely have great rhetorical implications; from interaction of the cook with ingredients, to the unconscious rhetorical decisions one makes when presented with a challenge and time constraint, which are all very real conflicts that come up with in the kitchen. I believe this segment will relay the very last minute implications difficult recipes can pose to a cook and how the cook must react to those challenges quickly to complete a given dish. I look forward to the frying of the shrimp, but I also known that tempura can be difficult to fry if not the right consistency, which can result in it falling off the meat being fried. Nonetheless, I am so excited to eat this yummy sushi!

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