Welcome to The Ribbon

An introduction

Imperial B (1915)

Hello. Welcome to The Ribbon, a new publication from Literati Bookstore in downtown Ann Arbor, Michigan.

What is meant by “publication”? Well, many things, we hope.

You may already subscribe to our store newsletter, but there are many things that cannot fit into a monthly newsletter.

On The Ribbon you’ll find longer-form content about books and book culture.

For instance, exclusive author interviews: brief, and feature length. Authors who will be reading at our store, authors not reading at our store. Local authors, authors who are not local.

There will be book reviews (again, of the brief and feature length variety). From our staff, or from local authors or writers.

The Ribbon will also run a weekly round up of things from the literary web, called Carriage Return, where— when possible — we will make connections to what’s going on in our store and on our shelves, and give your next browsing experience a little extra context.

And, a few times a year, we’ll use this space for large store announcements, year-in-review type substance, and a smattering of other fun stuff.

Maybe you don’t live in Ann Arbor, or cannot visit our store. That’s fine, The Ribbon is intended not only for our customers, but book lovers everywhere.

The Ribbon is the continuation and expansion of Literati’s former store blog, run originally by Literati co-owner, Mike Gustafson, and later bookseller and author Gina Balibrera Amyx. Their collective and invaluable vision informs The Ribbon, and will continue here. To get a jump start, we’ve already migrated some of Gina’s fantastic interviews to this space. But you can still go there and see all of the great, unmissable stuff they did, here.

Thanks! Enjoy.

-The Ribbon