How to Sell Anything Online

Seriously how can you go wrong with Mickey and Minnie high-fiving you?

I’m pretty sure you’ve seen those ads, right? The mansion in the background, the guy sporting the Lambo lean (whose car is that really?) while he tells you he’s a baller online — easily selling products to all of you poor schmucks who are still driving yourselves into an early grave working the 9–5 grind in a colourless cubicle.

BUT HAVE NO FEAR! Because Buddy’s got the cure — for only $99 (or $9900) he can give you his patented 3 step method to selling ANYTHING online. Even your soul.

Now, full disclosure — I’m an online transformational business coach and I work with entrepreneurs all over the world, but we are not building pipe dreams and Lambo leans — we’re building sustainable, abundant businesses with real products & services. Not just some top-secret selling system designed to leave you overwhelmed and underpaid while you scramble to recover your initial investment and your cracked confidence. If Selly McSellerson can do it, why can’t you, amiright?

So now you’re asking “Marissa, what’s the point of this article? To discredit Rando Three-Step-allrissian and make yourself look superior?”

Well. Yes. But also to actually help you figure out how to sell anything online. AND you don’t have to pay me anything. Because it’s pretty damn easy. (As long as you can handle some minor tech stuff)

Ok so selling online isn’t really different than the selling in person that humans have been doing for oodles of time. It goes a little something like this:

Seller: Hello you look hungry. My bread is delicious and will squash any hunger pains. It’s the best bread in all the land. Would you like to buy it?

Buyer: Yes.

Seller: Awesome possum. It’s $3, I take cash, bitcoin or credit. Do you need a bag today?

THAT’S IT. Except online you can do it a lot faster and to buyers all over the world.

You identify their need. You provide a solution. You tell them why it will be their best solution. You tell them how they can buy it from you and you provide a way for them to walk away to tell their friends how good your gluten is.

That’s it. Now if the buyer says no — no problem. Let’s take it from there and see just how easy it still is.

Buyer: No

Seller: What’s stopping you from walking away with this delicious golden gluten glob in your gob RIGHT NOW?

Buyer: I’m celiac.

Seller: No problem, I’ve got GF Bread over here, away from this table and made in a separate facility that doesn’t contain nuts, gluten or dairy.

Buyer: Sweet mother of pearl, let’s make magic happen. Here is your $3

Seller: It’s $5 but you’re guaranteed a GF experience with your savoury hot buttered toast tomorrow morning.


Seller: Oh you love toast? I just happen to have some delicious and ripe avocados, for $2 more you can take one of these beauties home and make yourself some amazing —

Buyer: AVO TOAST! That’s going to look amazing on my insta feed.

Ok so what the heck just happened here, besides me mocking the latest #foodporn craze to grace our news feeds?

Well we saw the Seller dig a little further and answer the Buyer’s objections and then because they noticed the Buyer respond to the toast suggestion, they upsold some delicious avocados to increase their bottom line and profit margins for the day.

Now you can do this with whatever product or service you want to sell.

  • Describe your customer’s need
  • Provide your solution and why it will solve their problem.
  • Anticipate what their questions or objections would be and answer those in the product description or sales page.
  • Ask them if they want to buy and tell them how to buy it (make it easy)
  • Rinse, repeat, offer a referral program.

I’ll talk about the best way to implement the easiest systems to get you up and running quickly in another article but let’s get this started. Dare to leave a comment below with your answers to my list above?

Want more? Come and get it!