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5 Slowed and Reverb Songs That Hit Different

Being the soundtrack of late-night vibes, Instagram aesthetic edits, Slowed and Reverb is a trend that’ll seem to be a sub-section of music that’ll grow with generation Z.

For context, simply put, Slowed and Reverb takes a song and slows it down a tad then adding some reverb, in essence, it’s on the same branch of the Southern Hip-Hop sound of Chopped N’ Screwed of the legendary DJ Screw. It’s something that everyone can do and crosses many genres as it can be applied to Pop, Hip-Hop, Rock, R&B.

It can take the happiest rays of sunshine song and transform it into a melancholic song that can soundtrack your loneliness. With a hint of irony depending on the song of course. Even if it doesn’t reform it to that extent it can still give it a whole new vibe. Here are 6 Slowed and Reverb tracks that I enjoy.

Mac DeMarco- Cooking Up Something Good

The opener on his album “2” sets the tone with a nice fun, funky rhythm as it can soundtrack a summer day of fun, chill vibes. Like you’re sitting on the lawn on chairs drinking soda with a friend, like Drake and Josh in the opening credit (Hopefully you know). But turn on the slow and reverb version, it takes away the summery vibes, but instead, it manages to sound like the soundtrack to a late-night of boredom and feeling stuck in a rut. It feels like a Jizz Jazz version of the song Longview, even though lyrically they’re completely different in subject matter and musically, of course.

Kali Uchis- In My Dreams

A song that feels playful, that wants to wrap around you with a nice big warm hug. Kali sings of how she’s far from the harsh reality of growing up in Colombia and finally happy being able to live her dreams of being an acclaimed artist living in the one and only California, USA. Switch on the slowed and reverb, the song feels fits perfectly with lyrical feel, as it feels as it could soundtrack the moment of the blissful late night with your loved one and/or ones. It makes you feel that the possibility of a stress-free reality can exist, that at the moment there’s no need to feel the harsh reality slow you down but now just enjoy the moment and appreciate the little things. Skating with friends, riding around the city, and you name it and it fits the scene.

The Drums- Please Don’t Leave

A song about not wanting to end a relationship, this indie-pop song can help people get through the worst heartaches as singer Johnny Pierce is stealing the words from other mouths for the song’s lyrics. As it turns to a slow and reverb, the song’s upbeat and bittersweet sound mixed with melancholic lyrics becomes a song to use a mirror of reflection towards your love life. As he sings, the lyrics come with a stronger punch than before and the instrumentation feels like a soundtrack’s love at its worst time.

Souls of Mischief- 93 til’ Infinity

This classic hip-hop song has proven its title correct. As ever since 1993, this song has managed to age like a fine wine and carry on decades later and remain a moment in hip-hop many have people have come to love and adulate. Once it’s slowed and reverb, it’s just adding to its chill and laid-back vibe.

Tyler, the Creator- Colossus

A song with haunting and yet lovely piano chords with a story from Tyler having to deal with an obsessed fan at Six Flags (all he wanted to do was eat his churro). However, the song takes a turn when it’s slowed and reverb, as it becomes more of an audio creepy-pasta. The song sounds a tad more eerie slow, but it isn’t a detriment, in fact, it adds to the painting Tyler is making as he goes back and forth with his fan and his fan becomes more and more hyper and honest towards meeting his idol. It feels like a Stephen King novel turned into a song.



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