Can’t Stand the Rain

Top of the pile

Jessica Lee McMillan
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5 min readDec 4, 2021


Actually, you all know I love the grey days. But we have had rain of biblical proportions in the last few months. Each time, I come out of it transformed.

In the first sunny day in weeks yesterday, I ran out to my local record shop and found some soul-saving tunes to accompany my crowded to-listen LP stacks. Here are some recurring plays and recent acquisitions.

Bad Brains —Banned in D.C

You feel that special glow when you get “the nod” at your record shop for picking up an indisputable masterpiece. The LP made an extraordinary listen yesterday afternoon – in the sun – sliding boldly from hardcore punk into reggae and rewiring my brain.

Crossing colour lines and taking up residence at CBGB, Bad Brains’ debut album paved the trajectory of the punk generation as the band’s overzealous fans left a path of carnage at the venues they wrecked.

Tina Turner — Can’t Stand the Rain