Episode 100!!

The Call Returns

Keith R. Higgons
The Riff


Peter Gabriel famously said The Call was “the future of American music.” He wasn’t wrong; it’s that too few people were paying attention.

It’s time to change that.

The Call (l → r Tom Ferrier, Michael Been, Jim Goodwin, Scott Musick)

They’re back in a big way with The Lost Tapes and re-mastered versions of Reconciled and Into the Woods. No spoilers here; you’ll have to listen to the podcast to find out what The Lost Tapes is all about. Better yet, head over to The Call’s Bandcamp page and purchase a copy.

The Call and my intellectual awakening are inextricably linked.

Growing up, my father groomed me to be some kind of business mogul. Sundays were for golf, and the week was for school, discussion, and study. I can say with complete certainty that among my peer group, I was the only one reading The One Minute Manager and Lee Iacocca’s autobiography… at 13. You see, these were the days of Ronald Reagan and Alex P. Keaton. Truthfully, I found all of that kind of stuff silly and the reality was that I was more into smoking bones and listening to Iron Maiden the way the old man was into vodka and golf.

Nonetheless, to keep peace, I played along… for a few years anyway. And then I heard “The…