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Getting Justified | How Madonna’s 1990 Hit Was Almost Stolen Away From Ingrid Chavez.

Images taken from and Pinterest.
Promotional art for the “Justify My Love” single by Madonna. (Image from Soundcloud)
MTV banned the music video to “Justify My Love,” directed by Jean-Baptiste Mondino.
The cover to the single release of “Justify My Love” by Ingrid Chavez. (Image from Bandcamp)
The official music video to Ingrid Chavez’s take on “Justify My Love” directed by Jack Bushell.
  • Ingrid Chavez’s “Justify My Love” gets an 8.0 out of 10. The more stylized approach really breathes life into the song. The ambient/trip-hop vibe really plays up the passion in Chavez’s words. Her delivery of the lines also oozes sexuality in a much more organic and honest way than the 1990 original.



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