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Never Just Let It Be: Five Magic Outtakes from the Beatles’ Swan Song

Let It Be gets reissued while Get Back gets a TV series and a book (photos:, Disney+).
You can spend buttloads on the new Let It Be box set … or you can Spotify it (photo:
The 1970 Let It Be cover depicted the Fabs in their own spaces (photo:

Let It Be Revisited

Bootleg As Nature Intended included Glyn Johns’s first mix, now in the box set (photo:

Ever Present Past

The Beatles’ final concert on the Apple rooftop, January 30, 1969 (photo by Ethan Russell / © Apple Corps. Ltd.).

John: Don’t Let Me Down (First Rooftop Performance)

John & Yoko bared their bodies, he bared his soul (photo:
Macca at the mic (photo © Apple Corps Ltd.).

Paul: Oh! Darling (Jam)

Harrison walked out, causing a change in scenery—and attitude—upon his return (photo © Apple Corps. Ltd.).

George: All Things Must Pass (Rehearsal)

Ringo was the first to quit, in summer ’68 (photo © Apple Corps Ltd.).

Ringo: Octopus’s Garden (Rehearsal)

Keyboardist Billy Preston livened up the music and lightened up the mood (photo © Apple Corps Ltd.).

Billy: One After 909 (Take 3)



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