Shuffle It All

Shufflepuck and The Generation Blue Project prove great music is timeless.

Keith R. Higgons
The Riff
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4 min readMay 7, 2024


The original conceit of the Abandoned Albums podcast was to find albums that had been recorded but never released by labels. Without having someone on the inside (at a label), it was a bit challenging to get my hands on those — which is to say impossible.

Generation Blue (subject to copyright)

And so the podcast morphed into a “forgotten” album format until it eventually evolved into a podcast about music that would fit into the “now” and/or “then” column.

Our goal with Abandoned Albums is to keep artists’ recorded work on the cultural radar and, when possible, ensure that the recorded work of new artists LANDS on the cultural radar.

When S.W. Lauden approached me about The Generation Blue Project and the band Shufflepuck, my interest became piqued. That’s hardly surprising, considering his projects typically generate a high degree of interest. But before we go down the Shufflepuck road, let’s explain what The Generation Blue Project is — it’s a project that celebrates what is affectionately called “Geek Rock.”