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The epic story of LA’s Harriers of Discord.

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Harriers of Discord

When I first listened to …And They Did Live, I couldn’t believe that I never heard it before. My disbelief stemmed from this: it was really, really good.

Aimee Oliver, Marcus Trujillo, and Duane Hall first got together in 2018 to be today’s Harriers of Discord. The band in itself has been making content, originally from Aimee, since 2014.

The story of the band is, to put it best, spontaneously adventurous. First Aimee wanted to get back to playing music after a four year hiatus — so she bought an in-home studio that she hadn’t used for months. Then one day she decided to start making tracks. And at some point while doing that, she’d have Duane and Marcus join her for the ride.

Like every great artist, the tremendous trio that is Harriers of Discord creates music because it makes them feel good. There isn’t a more important objective for them. And they’re not the only ones who feel good while playing: they’ve performed live around the country and have developed some fame over the Internet.

This is the story of friends who crisscross between California and North Carolina to make world-class music for their fans.

Noah: How did the band first form?

Aimee: It started just as a solo project for me for the first year or so. I would just record all of the music myself and then started doing acoustic shows and then afterwards people started joining. Duane was one of the first.

Noah: When did Duane first join? And how long has the current band been together for?

Duane: Aimee’s solo stuff started to gain momentum and people wanted her to play shows so I joined in to help make that happen.

I joined in 2015 and the lineup of Aimee, Marcus, and I had started in 2018 I believe.

Aimee: I think he joined 2015, and with the current lineup we’ve been as is since 2018.

But Marcus was playing bass instead of drums for us before that earlier in the year.

Duane: I started out playing guitar in the band then moved to bass when Marcus moved to drums.



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