The Beatles — Before Beatlemania

What a difference a year can make

Photograph of The Beatles pop group dressed in British police uniform in 1963 at a concert in Birmingham UK
Picture was taken outside the Birmingham Hippodrome in 1963 when the Beatles were smuggled into the venue in the back of a police van. Image by West Midlands Police CC-ASA-2.0.
The Beatles performing ‘I Want To Hold Your Hand’ live on the Ed Sullivan Show 2 September 1964
The Beatles play ‘Twist and Shout’ live at the Royal Variety Performance in London 4 November 1963 in the presence of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother and Her Royal Highness Princess Margaret.

British, retired, loves reptiles & amphibians, keen on history, steam locomotives, travel, real ale and still trying to master that Fender Stratocaster.

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