This Is What Distinguishes The Guitar & Ukulele

Size matters a lot less than you think.

Photo by Brandon Bynum on Unsplash
This is what an F# bar chord looks like from selfie mode. My index finger is barring the second fret of my guitar; my middle finger is on my third string; my ring finger is on my fifth string; my pinky is on my fourth string. My “first” string, aka my “top” string, is actually the physically bottom-most string. We call it “first” and “top” because it’s the highest pitch and the pitch gets lower as you move physically higher.
Here’s the first close-up. I am barring the second fret with one finger. This is the foundation of a bar chord.
This is the second close-up. It shows the chord notes without the bar. Why do we need to bar this chord if I can play all the notes without barring them? The answer lies later in the essay ;) All photos courtesy of the author.
White Castle, or white castle? Photo by V2F on Unsplash
G-major open chord with an additional G harmony note.
G-major bar chord with an additional B harmony note. All photos courtesy of the author.

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