What Becomes A Legend Most?

Musician & Producer Jeff Eyrich helps define it.

Keith R. Higgons
The Riff


How do you get from Tim Buckley to Bette Midler to the Gun Club? From Air Supply to Broken Homes to John Cale?

Fluck if I know how; but I know a guy who does — Jeff Eyrich.

Jeff began his career in music like so many musicians. He moved to Los Angeles from Long Beach, earning his stripes gigging around LA. A chance encounter with troubadour Tim Buckley — yep, Jeff’s biological father — led to Eyrich leveling up his career by playing and touring with an artist on a major label. From there it was on to Natalie Cole, Big Joe Turner, Rick Springfield, and on and on.

Those salad days saw Jeff paying his dues as he made his living grinding away touring and doing session work. Given the restless spirit of all artists, Jeff slid effortlessly into the producer's chair when touring and session work got a little tired.

His first production credit was for the upstart Geffen Records — The Plimsouls influential Everywhere At Once, containing the seminal Generation X standard “Million Miles Away.”

Not a bad way to plant your flag.