Folk Metal is perhaps one of my top three favorite metal sub-genres. Why? I’m glad you asked! Acoustic interludes are what pulled me into the metal realm in the first place. There’s something about the juxtaposition of aggression and clean melodies that really enhances the music for me.

The genre…

Burke Shelley, bass player and vocalist from Budgie
Image from Wikipedia

Burke Shelley, bass player and singer with the influential Welsh rock band Budgie, has died.

Shelley, 71, died on January 11th after a ten-year battle with Stickler syndrome, a genetic disorder that causes serious vision, hearing, and joint problems. He also suffered from heart problems in recent years.

Budgie, who…

Image by the author. Canva. All photos by the author except Nixon. And Paul Simonon.

I’ll get to “I’m So Bored with the U.S.A.” from The Clash, but first some context, mates.


Ernest Hemingway said that he wrote about America better when he was in France and that he wrote about France better when living in America. Or something like that. …

The most iconic photo of Robert Johnson, Wikimedia commons

Did Robert Johnson sell his soul to the Devil in order to become the best blues guitarist there ever was? I have my doubts, but it makes for good theater. If he did make the deal with the Devil, he got the short end of the deal.

During his lifetime…

Photo consists of artist promo shots

Fast, aggressive, punk-influenced hard rock music has been a boys club for a very long time. When most people discuss any genre besides folk, disco, or pop, women have always (and unfairly) taken a backseat. We can always point to outliers in any walk of life and music is no…

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