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Well, let me say the sinful part first — I am not a huge Beatles fan, and I like them; I don't live and breathe them.

And let's get this out of the way, too — holy crap, they all looked high af!

I like them and, as a music…

Sometimes, it takes something very unexpected to put a band back together again.

We’ve seen it time and time again. Bands breaking-up and getting back together again somewhere down the line.

Why do most bands break-up? It’s usually either down to creative or personal differences and on occasion it’s a mutual decision to part ways on good terms.

So, when they reunite you…

Five more parks!

Howdy again folks! Hope you’re all doing well!

Here’s the link to last weeks NPS:

You know the drill by now, and we had a couple more good suggestions last week, so let’s hop right in!

Sequoia National Park: “Old Forests” by National Park Radio

What a name for a band to be on this list. I suppose it…

The best among them are like classical recitalists

Why is listening to a good band specialising in other peoples’ music treated with less respect than going to a classical concert?

This thought came to me some time ago when I went to see The Australian Pink Floyd with some friends. …

The Riff

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