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Come one, come all! To the Riff’s November Album Club Meeting!

Before I unravel next month’s album, I want to give David Acaster a huge shoutout for last month’s meeting. Not only was his album a pretty solid choice, but I learned much more about the project’s context and the…

Red Rocks Amphitheater, Colorado

Regardless of whether you enjoy blues, jazz, rockabilly, country, or something completely different, the music of Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats makes one ponder some fundamental questions:

Each Year’s Best Song From the Past 40 Years

“I get up, and nothing gets me down”

As I celebrated my 40th birthday this year, I wanted to write about the best song from each of the past 40 years. These songs are chosen based on a combination of popular music and my personal tastes.

I want to spend a moment talking to you about the enthralling…

Polishing Up Our Act Edition

1. What song made The Fantastic Johnny C so fantastic?

A. “On Broadway”

B. “Boogaloo Down Broadway”

C. “Funky Broadway”

D. “Nights on Broadway”

2. What was The Who’s only Top 10 single on the Billboard Hot 100?

A. “Won’t Get Fooled Again”

B. “My Generation”

C. “Pinball Wizard”

D. “I Can See for Miles”

3. Who was NOT one of the Carolina Beach Music groups of the 1960s?

A. Sir Douglas Quintet

B. Swingin’ Medallions

C. Spiral Starecase

D. Foundations

4. What R&B duo recorded 1979’s “Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now?”

A. Mel & Tim

B. James &…


Ask me about my affliction

I’m going to catch hell for this.

But that’s okay because, as I’ve said before, opinions are like assholes — everybody’s got one, and sometimes they stink.

What you’re about to read is just one asshole’s stinky opinion. Please keep that in mind as you search for stones to throw.


Prepare to be annoyed or to be amazed — your choice

Having just read Pierce McIntyre’s story (a couple of months ago by now), 20 Cover Songs I Prefer Over The Originals, I decided to write a version of my own. He had asked for the ideas in the comments, but I thought, “Fuck that. …

Following the massive superstar-making success of Prince’s film ‘Purple Rain’ and the huge sales of the soundtrack, which was his sixth album on Warner Bros., he embarked on a massive arena tour. …

Warning: These are not love songs

I’m sure there must be people who have an intellectual response to music — but I am not one of them. For me, music is a big, bodily feeling: strong, real, and right now. And here’s nothing like hard rock to rev my engine.

Or as Billy Corgan croons in…

And I WILL see him in 2022

Because I have an undying love for Bruce Springsteen (some would call it an unnatural love), I follow the New Jersey-centric website Yesterday, the site published a story with an intriguing title: “Springsteen’s Perfect 2022 Concert Setlist: The 34 Songs He Should Play, In Order.” …


What’s the name again?

My parents and I organized our belongings in our new home in southern California — a place I’ll spend most of my childhood in, and where I’ll have my first exposure to my parent’s music.

Before I was born, my folks would play music on a CD/Cassette player they no…

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