The Riff

The film is an avant-garde oddity of limited appeal, but the music is some of the finest synth-pop of the late 1980s.

Record Label Parlophone hoped It Couldn’t Happen Here (1988) would do for UK electronica duo par-excellence Pet Shop Boys what A Hard Day’s Night (1964) did for The Beatles. …

On publishing a physical fanzine in these digital days

I‘ve been known to say that the legendary punk fanzine Flipside was the first place I ever got published—but that’s not technically true.

Prior to my article about a local band getting published by Flipside, it appeared in a photocopied/hand-stapled zine some friends of mine handed out around our high…



Well, let me say the sinful part first — I am not a huge Beatles fan, and I like them; I don't live and breathe them.

And let's get this out of the way, too — holy crap, they all looked high af!

I like them and, as a music…

The Riff

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