As the new documentary ‘Get Back’ charts The Beatles creative slump, I reflect on my own descent into lethargy

A black and white image of the Beatles

“What we need is a serious programme of work. Not an endless rambling through the canyons of your mind” — Paul McCartney

The eye strain from staring at my phone persists long after I’ve plugged in its life support amongst the tangled spaghetti of USB cables. The next day and…

From British Invasion to punk, glam to grunge

Rock drummers don’t always get the respect they deserve, but plenty of great biographies have been written by and about them. These selections only represent a small sample of the many drummer books available (Dave Grohl’s The Storyteller: Tales of Life and Music is next on my to-be-read list), but…

But will people take the time to listen and contemplate that deeply?

I don’t usually listen to a singer’s new album straight through; sometimes, I’ll listen to the first few songs and then cherry-pick what catches my fancy from the rest of the offerings.

But to some artists, this sounds like blasphemy against their work. Superstar Adele even went so far as…

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