TROPT’s Commitment to the Future of Privacy Tech and Innovation

The last post in a 7-part blog series on the foundational TROPT Defining the Privacy Tech Landscape Whitepaper 2021

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Originally published on The Rise of Privacy Tech website on December 26, 2021.

Last month, we at The Rise of Privacy Tech (TROPT) published the TROPT Defining the Privacy Tech Landscape Whitepaper 2021, the foundational whitepaper on the privacy tech landscape. In our first five posts in this series, we broke down key positions on defining privacy tech, categorizing privacy tech, and bridging privacy tech gaps for buyers and users, founders, domain experts, and investors. We end this series by sharing TROPT’s own commit to the future of privacy tech and innovation.

At TROPT, we will endeavor to continue our mission of fueling privacy tech and innovation. We specifically make the following commitments:

We commit to continuing to define and categorize the privacy tech landscape as it matures

This week, we’re launching the TROPT Privacy Tech Database, a free, public resource listing privacy tech companies and their privacy tech product categories, for investors, prospective user-buyers, and anyone interested in finding privacy tech solutions.

Next year, we will begin categorizing startups into the TROPT Privacy Tech Stack. More on this first thing next year.

We commit to continuing to bring together the privacy tech key players — founders, investors, experts, and user-buyers — to bridge the tech-capital-expertise gaps in privacy innovation

As covered in the whitepaper, startups disclosed funding, customer acquisition, and breaking into the privacy space as some of their biggest challenges. To address these challenges, we will continue connecting privacy tech startups with privacy domain experts and investors through our startup-advisor matching program and our startup-investor matching program.

We commit to continuing to spread awareness on privacy tech and innovation

We already do this through our publications, events, and programs. Current TROPT events include our conferences, TROPT Data Privacy Day (in January) and TROPT Virtual Summit (in June). Current programs include TROPT Innovators, our membership program for privacy tech key players who want year-round involvement with the TROPT privacy tech community in between events. Beyond our existing initiatives, we have several projects in the works, and we are open to feedback from the privacy tech community on how to best help privacy tech key players fuel privacy innovation.

We commit to helping increase privacy tech investments

We will do so by increasing investor awareness in and understanding of this nascent privacy tech industry. We will also continue to make available the TROPT privacy tech deal flow tool for privacy tech founders who are fundraising and for investors who want to invest in privacy tech startups and support the TROPT privacy tech community.

TROPT Defining the Privacy Tech Landscape Whitepaper 2021: Lourdes M. Turrecha, TROPT Founder and privacy tech investor

Join us in fueling privacy tech and innovation

If you want to dig deeper, you can download the full TROPT Defining the Privacy Tech Landscape Whitepaper 2021 here.

If you’d like to join next year’s working group, you can do so by joining TROPT Innovators.

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